Top 10 Worst Foods To Health

As people’s lives get busier, concerns about food and health get put in the back burner. People would rather have food that is fast to prepare, appealing and delicious, and don’t think about how these foods may affect their health. However, keeping your diet healthy is not all that difficult. Even if you can’t do without certain foods in your life, at least stay away from these top ten worst foods to eat as much as possible.

1. Processed Food – Although they’re extremely easy to prepare and convenient, these babies are loaded with preservatives, which can increase a person’s likelihood of having cancer. A diet of processed foods will give you loads of salt and fats, but none of the nutrients that your body really needs.

2. Frozen Dinners – When you go home at night, the last thing you’d want to do is to cook a meal. Most people settle for microwaving frozen dinners as it’s both cheaper and easier. These dinners are filled with artificial flavorings and preservatives so they can last longer in your fridge. They are also low in nutrients, and high in calories.

3. Potato Chips – People think that munching on these is good for their health because technically, potatoes are good for the body. However, these not only contain bad carbohydrates, they are also filled with a carcinogen called acryl amide.

4. Doughnuts – When it comes to food and health, majority of pastries raise a red alarm, but none are as deadly as the doughnut. Yes, doughnuts are extremely tasty and easy to munch on, but they are also loaded with sugar, especially the glazed variety. A large glazed doughnut on its own already contains 250-300 calories and 10-20 grams of fat.

5. Low Fat Labels – Beware of foods that say Affordable Health Insurance they’re low fat. Most manufacturers of calorie-loaded foods often market low-fat versions of their wares so that health conscious people will be more comfortable when buying them. However, these may destroy your diet even more since you’re more likely to eat more because you don’t feel the guilt associated with binging on fatty foods.

6. Carbonated Drinks – Soda is delicious and it quenches one’s thirst really well. However, do you know that each can of soda contain no less than 10 teaspoons of sweeteners like sugar? Since these drinks are carbonated, they also increase the likelihood of gastric pain, hyper acidity, ulcer, and even pancreatic cancer. Chugging several cans per day also puts you at risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disorders.

7. Margarine – Margarine brings a plethora of food and health issues simply because they are filled with Tran’s fats, which is the main culprit for bad cholesterol. A diet filled with margarine will not only pack on the pounds, it can also hurt your cardiovascular system and give you loads of health issues like hypertension and heart disease.

8. Sugar-Free Food – In the same way that low-fat labels can misguide you; sugar-free food is also extremely dangerous because you tend to eat more of these because you don’t worry about the sugar content. Also, since they don’t have any sugar, most companies use artificial and chemical preservatives to give flavor to these otherwise bland foods, making it dangerous to your health.

9. Liquid Meals – Manufacturers say that drinking these is equivalent to one full meal, so if you’re on a diet or don’t have time to eat, this will still give you the calories you need. However, there is no substitute for real food, and although these may contain calories, they don’t contain the proper nutrition your body needs daily.